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Student Success Conference

The 8th Annual Conference "Polytechnic Trailblazers: "The future of Innovative Teaching"

The 8th Annual Teaching, Learning, and Student Success Conference will be held March 22, 2024. CTL and the Teaching, Learning and Student Success committee had an exciting event with multiple presentations showcasing the innovative pedagogy development occurring on our UT campus.


Deadline for submitting your proposal is February 4, 2024


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Teaching Learning and Student Success Conference.


The Teaching Learning and Student Success conference one of the things that we at the center for teaching and learning are most proud of. It’s a way for like minded people and professors to share their knowledge and make us all better teachers and people every year. 2024 marks the 8th annual conference and the first one back in person after the events of the past two years. We’re glad to be back and hope to continue the tradition for years to come.

As always CTL is an active central hub for faculty to discover resources to increase skills in the five core instructional methods: Active Learning, Applied Learning, Authentic Learning, Inclusive Pedagogy/ Andragogy, Student centered Learning

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