Inclusive Learning Community


We are thrilled to celebrate the exceptional achievements of the 2023-2024 Learning Community members—seven individuals from these groups and the College of Humanities & Social Sciences were awarded the Learning Community Award for their contributions to inclusivity and learner-focused education. These dedicated educators meet bi-monthly to engage in deep and meaningful discussions inspired by shared readings, delving into themes of inclusivity and the Utah Tech Core Instructional Methods.

In the first year, participants explored the foundational concepts of inclusive teaching with Tracie Marcella Addy’s, What Inclusive Teachers Do. The second-year cohort’s conversations expanded to include crafting significant learning experiences, guided by L. Dee Fink’s insights. By the third year, the group delved into Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty by Elizabeth F. Barkley & Claire Howell Major, enriching their collective understanding through the lens of inclusive teaching.

The Learning Community’s commitment extends beyond theoretical discourse. Participants undertake practical monthly assignments to integrate inclusive teaching strategies into their curricula, promoting a cycle of active learning and self-improvement. These hands-on experiences, combined with candid monthly discussions, create a supportive forum where challenges are addressed, and successful strategies are celebrated, showcasing the real-world impact of inclusive education. The winners of the Learning Community awards demonstrated a high level of participation and contributions.


If you are interested in joining the Learning Communities next year, please reach out to Diana Maughan at the Center for Teaching & Learning.

Inclusive Learning Community Awardees

Display image of Meaghan Gates

Meaghan Gates

Assistant Professor of Art - Ceramics

Display image of Wendy Schatzberg

Wendy Schatzberg

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Display image of Zhenyu Jin

Zhenyu Jin

CTL Faculty Fellow/Assistant Professor of Geography - GIS

Display image of Kristy Grayson

Kristy Grayson

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Display image of Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Display image of College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

From left to right: Leslie Twitchell, Diana Maughan, Dr. Stephen Lee, Dr. Tasha Toy, Dr. Cheri Crenshaw

Display image of Jennifer Gibb

Jennifer Gibb

Instructor of the Practice in English - Composition

Display image of Emily Treasure

Emily Treasure

Instructor of the Practice in English - Composition