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3,052 College Students on the Good, the Bad and Learning Post-COVID

More than a year has passed under the shadow of COVID-19. While there are bright spots and important lessons for institutions preparing for a return to campus, students remain deeply ambivalent about learning online. Most concerning, 58 percent do not…

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Why students do not turn on their video cameras during online classes and an equitable and inclusive plan to encourage them to do so

Enrollment in courses taught remotely in higher education has been on the rise, with a recent surge in response to a global pandemic. While adapting this form of teaching, instructors familiar with traditional face‐to‐face methods are now met with a…

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7 Dos & Don’ts for Post-Pandemic Teaching With Technology

Here’s what students hope faculty keep doing in the fall — and what they hope they will drop.

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How to Make Your Teaching More Inclusive

Teaching inclusively means embracing student diversity in all forms — race, ethnicity, gender, disability, socioeconomic background, ideology, even personality traits like introversion — as an asset. It means designing and teaching courses in ways that foster talent in all students,…

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Study: Pre-recorded videos can boost student learning

“A new report shows that asynchronous instruction has advantages and may improve scores for remote students.”

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A Surprising Fruit of Our Pandemic Fall Semester

Counterintuitively to some people, the post-COVID campus will have a renewed, more dynamic sense of place, not a diminished one, writes Laurie L. Patton.

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4 Reasons Why Every Course Should Be Designed as an Online Course

Now is the time to plan for the post-pandemic university. Too early, you say? Still in the midst of managing the low-density university amid surging COVID-19 cases? I never said it would be easy to plan for the post-COVID university.…

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Movie Theaters and Universities During COVID-19

Things may be challenging for colleges and universities, as evidenced by the growing number of budget cuts and layoffs (particularly among staff). Still, in comparison to the movie theater industry, higher education is navigating COVID-19 extraordinarily well.

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Envisioning the Future of Higher Ed in a Post-pandemic World

What does the future of higher education look like? A panel of five university and college presidents offered their crystal-ball visions in a recent session during the recent ASU+GSV Summit, which took place online this week. Moderator Michelle Marks, chancellor…

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Our HyFlex Experiment: What’s Worked and What Hasn’t

Our HyFlex Experiment: What’s Worked and What Hasn’t Does HyFlex work? In this Chronicle essay Kevin Gannon, a professor of history at Grand View University and director of its Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, shares his college’s experience this fall…

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