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Ally Resources

What is Ally?

A new accessibility tool (Ally) is now available in Canvas to ensure that the learning resources in Canvas meet accessibility standards and requirements

Policies and laws require that learning resources meet accessibility requirements. Many of our existing resources do not meet these requirements. This activity also supports our efforts to be more inclusive and improves the learning experience for all users.

Learn more about Ally in the resources provided below.

The Instructor Experience

Blackboard Ally first steps guide to help instructors learn about and improve the accessibility of their files in the context of their own course.

the Student Experience

Blackboard Ally first steps guide to help students download alternative accessible formats of their course content.


ALly Learning Management System Help

Resource when troubleshooting.

ALLY user group

A platform to watch and discuss webinar, ask question on the discussion board and share Ally experiences.

Additional REsources