Utah Tech University

7th Annual Teaching, Learning and Student Success Conference


Presenter Presentation Title Recording Link
John Wolfe More than Accommodating, Rethinking Neurodivergent Students in the Classroom Recording Link
Wendy Schatzberg & Samuel Tobler Using Eye Tracking to Improve Exam Question Design Recording Link
Nathan Snow Everyday Technology: Meeting Students Where They Live Recording Link
Brandon Bruce Engaging with Neurodivergent Students Recording Link
Byungeun Pak Exploring Ways to Utilize Virtual Reality Headsets in Support of Prospective Teachers’ Noticing and Reflection Recording Link
Brian Astle & McGarren Flack Connecting Old Ideas with New Technology Recording Link
Susan Ertel Understanding the Community College Student at an Open-admissions University Recording Link
Drew Wilcox The Impact of Stress on Learning in Higher Education: What Does the Literature Tell Us? Recording Link
Valerie O’Bryan Ed Tech Tools to Facilitate the Research and Writing Process Recording Link
Jim Haendiges Part Time Drummer: Learning on Different Stages Recording Link
Vicki Welch Incorporating VR into Nursing Education Recording Link
Shauna Wight Using Metacognition, Reflection, and Transfer to Improve Student Learning Across the Disciplines Recording Link
Bruce Harris Beyond Study Skills : Helping your Students use Self-Regulated Learning Strategies Recording Link
Theda Wrede GIS Mapping and English: Interdisciplinary Research Projects in the Humanities Recording Link
Spencer Bell Let’s Get Real: Students Presenting the Results of a Literature Review to an Expert in the Field Recording Link
Matthew Koenig How Theatrical Intimacy and Consent can Inform Classroom Practices No Recording
Huck Stewart Tools and Strategies for Active and Engaging Online Teaching & Course Design (workshop) Recording Link
Penny Mills Using Pluralsight Channels to Enhance Student Learning Recording Link
Bhuvaneswari Sambandham Promoting a Campus Community that Embraces Diversity and Inclusion No Recording
Susan Hart & Milan Pantovic Using Mixed-Reality (MR) Technology to Facilitate Student Learning, Community Engagement, and Research Opportunities for Exercise Science Majors Recording Link
Huck Stewart, Debra Chittur & Valerie O’Bryan A New Frenemy? AI Writing Tools in Higher Education Recording Link
Amanda Scott The Creative Final Exam Project and Intrinsic Learning Recording Link
Sarah Black Active Learning that isn’t a Huge Undertaking Recording Link


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