Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to present at the Teaching, Learning, and Student Success (TLSS) Conference?

No, presenting at the TLSS conference is not required as part of the GAINS grant award. However, you are more than welcome to present if desired.

How do I handle leftover money from the GAINS grant?

Funding will be received through individual requests or pcard charges, so any left over funds will remain in the HEERF account.

Can I get an extension on the GAINS final report?

No. All funding must be spent by May 1, 2022,  so the final report must come in to justify the expenditures to meet this deadline.

I found some less/expensive software, equipment, etc. Can I use the difference in the proposal amount to buy other things related to the GAINS grant?

Yes. This will need to be communicated with CTL and decided on an individual basis. Do not use funds for things outside of your stated grant proposal without contacting CTL first.

Will there be GAINS grants funded next year?

No, this funding was a one time endowment.

Can I request compensation for my time in my proposal and if so how much? How does compensation work if there are two investigators for the research?

A stipend of up to 1 credit of teaching for each GAINS grant is available. If there are multiple Principle Investigators (PI), the credit will be divided equally between the PI.

Who is eligible for the GAINS grant?

Full-time faculty, staff, instructors, etc. Are eligible. Part time employees may participate but due to legal pay issues, pay cannot exceed 9 credits of total pay.  So a part-time instructor would be eligible for compensation as long as they are not capped out already.  We suggest that part-time employees check with HR.  However, the grant can be submitted with no compensation requests.

Who decides who receives the GAINS money?

The GAINS Section committee decides as a group which grants will be funded and communicates that to CTL.

Do I need Institutional Review Board approval (IRB) to work with human subjects and receive a GAINS grant?

Yes. IRB approval must be done before submitting a proposal if you intend on involving human subjects in your research. To fill out the appropriate IRB forms and training, visit

How many Principal Investigators (PI) can be on a GAINS grant? Can one of them not be from DSU?

PI’s must be from Dixie State University, and you may have up to 2 per grant.

What timeline does the grant need to work by?

The guideline stated in your proposal (Jan –May) needs to be heeded.

How do I apply for a GAINS grant?

You will need to apply using the application form, which can be found under Documents.

Has this grant been available before?

No, this grant is associated with the new classroom upgrades.

How itemized does the proposed budget need to be?

All proposed purchases and personnel need to be accounted for with description and dollar amount in a budget justification of the solicitation form.

Can my proposed project use GAINS money and other money from another resource?

No, you cannot use funds from another funding source for your GAINS grant.